Save Pictures. Save Documents. Save EVERYTHING with One Click

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Save Pictures.  Save Documents. Save EVERYTHING with One Click

Introducing Survive Drive

Forget the cloud. Do you want to backup your drive with something that is simple, secure and no additional software to install? Then this is your lucky day...
Data Storage Simplified

Data Storage Simplified

If you were to try and back up your computer with a regular Flash drive or CD, you would have to search for the different folders on your computer; open each location; and take repeated steps to back up each folder.

With Survive Drive, its ONE click of a button and all your files are backed up and safe. Photos, music, household or business documents are all saved and secure on one special flash drive that's readily available to instantly access.

Features & Benefits


Survive Drive is easy to use with no multiple steps or options.

Fast Automation

All critical decisions on what to back up are done automatically.

No Software Installed

Survive Drive does not install an invasive program, it simply runs every time the drive is plugged in.

There's No Limit

Survive Drive can be used on more than one computer as long as space is available on the drive.

One Time Purchase

There are no yearly renewal fees or reoccurring subscription costs.

Security and Protection

Since there in no cloud or drop box, your data is in the palm of your hand on the drive.


SurviveDrive is amazing and so easy to use. It has eliminated the use of our cloud and the possibility of being hacked. I would suggest this to every company and individual.

– Antony Livingston, President Parallax Business & Management Consultants Livingston Enterprises Inc.

SurviveDrive saved me so much time when I got the cryptowall Virus, All I had to do was plugin my SurviveDrive and click restore and I was back in Business.

– Robert Ehrbar, Owner Mercedes Service Center of the Palm Beaches