1. What does Survive Drive backup ?

Survive Drive captures all files on the c-drive including all Photos, Documents, Settings, Email if using Outlook or Windows Mail, Music, Videos, Desktop, Contacts, and all folders that were created by any end user on the machine.
No other drive other than the C drive is backed up.

2. How much can I backup with Survive Drive?

With Survive Drive the limit on the backup will depend on which model you purchase. Survive Drives are available in three sizes 32GB, 64GB , and 128GB. Larger inquiries can be made by contacting our support team.

3. How much does Survive Drive cost?

Survive Drives start at $59.95 for the 32GB model

4. Is Survive Drive Secure?

Survive Drive is not a cloud based storage your data is in the palm of your hand on the drive and never leaves your possession. Our Business model and reputation depend on keeping your data safely backed up and in your hands.

5. How do I get my Files Back?

Survive Drive makes it really easy to restore your files simply plug the drive into any available USB port and click on Restore and Survive Drive will then automatically restore all your files even if the computer is a new or repaired version of the original regardless of what Windows operating system you are using.

6. Will Survive Drive Work with my Computer?

Survive Drive is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 in both 32 and 64 bit.

7. Can I use Survive Drive to backup my external hard drive?

Survive Drive was specifically designed to backup the internal C or Operating System Drive only and will not back up an external hard drive.

8. Does Survive Drive offer mirror backup?

Because of space limitations Survive Drive will only backup files and folders that contain data not the operating system or application software programs.

9. Can I use Survive Drive to free up space on my hard drive?

No. Survive Drive is a backup of the files that are on your computer not a place to store files in order to free up space on your internal hard drive. If you delete any file from your hard drive, Survive Drive will always have that file for restore unless you manually delete the file from the Survive Drive. Survive Drive never deletes files from the drive automatically.

10. How Does Survive Drive Differ from other Backup Services?

Survive Drive is easy to use with no multiple steps or options. All critical decisions are made automatically. Survive Drive does not install an invasive program on your pc, it simply runs every time the end user plugs it in. Survive Drive can be used on more than one computer as long as there is space available on the drive. It is a one time purchase price, there are no yearly renewal or recurring subscription costs.